Google recently declared about a core search ranking algorithm update on its official social media platform. However, many professionals have not been able to realise what the update is. Let’s find out about the broad core algorithm to understand it better.


What is the broad core algorithm?

Google uses an algorithm that crawls on the search results. Thus, Google can maintain the quality of its search results. However, in order to keep the process updated, Google updates the algorithm hundreds of time a year. Generally, these updates are small ones. Nonetheless, Google does launch major updates that affect nearly everyone.

Google targets to solve different issues by launching these updates. Some of the well-known and major updates are Panda, Fred, Penguin, Pigeon etc. While Pigeon targeted SEO spam, Penguin solved the issue regarding link spam.

This year Google has launched two major updates so far. The first one was in March, while the second and the latest one is in August. Unfortunately, most of the SEO professionals did not see any changes after the algorithm update.

According to some professionals, Google’s core algorithm update is different than its regular updates. It can change the primary search algorithm altogether. Suppose a blog has between 300 and 600 signals and ranking factors. The core algorithm update changes the value, importance, weight and order of these signals and factors.

In order to make it simpler, assume that there are 300 factors that are important for an SEO blog. Google’s core algorithm update changed the 50th factor. The prompt result will be the change in the search result ranking. Although things don’t work this easily, it’s the easiest way to understand the effect of the update.

How we use core algorithm?

After the launch of the core algorithm update, many of the pages lost their ranking. As per Google, the pages lost ranking because the ranks have become higher. However, if we are facing such a problem, we can definitely change and enhance the relevance of our page. We can utilise the SEO to improve the ranking.


However, Google has confirmed that the latest algorithm update isn’t related to the quality of the contents. The update will target to improve the quality of the search engine result pages.

The Partner Development Manager of Google, Andrey Lipattsev answered the queries of many users. He explained that sometimes it is not possible to define each of the core algorithm updates. However, he stated that we, the users won’t see much difference in the functionality. Besides, he also said that the new core algorithm update is still in the experimental stage.

We can monitor the SERPs on a regular basis along with testing the algorithm. In the next step, we can create rich content for the readers and searchers. Thus, even after the core algorithm update, our pages will show in the search engine result pages. If our contents match the user intent, it is safe.

A few of the well-known companies benefitted from the change of the algorithm. Some of these companies didn’t update their content for a long despite having rich content. On the other hand, the other companies benefitted because of the search pattern of the users.

How core algorithm plays a vital role?

Core algorithm update plays a vital role to understand some of the basic points. The first point is that none of the benefited companies has updated their contents to get better ranking. The second point is that the losses are not huge and can be addressed. And the third point is the content relevancy has been prioritised by Google. Some of the sites with rich content lost their ranking in the UK as the products targeted the US audience.

If we have lost our ranking after the Google algorithm update, we must make sure that we have done every possible thing to eradicate the issue. However, sometimes only monitoring the SERPs can be helpful instead of doing anything.

It is essential that the rich contents rank well in the SERPs for the users. Sometimes, the search engine results may not be relevant. Google launches its core algorithm update to address issues like this. Therefore, in order to keep our ranking intact, we must focus on the content.

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