Here we will discuss about the theory of Google AdSense and Admob which is very helpful to earn through digital marketing. Google AdSense has become really popular. Currently, there are multiple ways to monazite the website traffic, where most of the traction is related to advertisements of third party products and various services to the visitors of the website. A number of programs related to advertising can help the websites earn a massive amount, one of the most popular out of the lot is Google AdSense. This was the advertising program which was launched in the mid of 2003 Google AdSenseby Google and in the present, it is considered as one of the most known programs of advertisements over the internet. It is known to provide an excellent opportunity to the webmasters and site owners to effectively monetize the traffic.

Google AdSense

Another product launched by Google is a very famous Google Admob. It basically helps in placing and positioning Ads in the network of mobile, which in return allow the android app to monetize. To start earning, one needs to integrate Admob into the android app. Currently, mobile marketing is on a high and advertising it properly will give proper returns. Through Google Admob, one can easily advertise on mobile applications through the online community of advertisements. Google Admob is mainly meant for the publishers and the developers of the add to earn money. You earn ad revenue when a user views or clicks your ads. To use AdMob in your apps, you will need to use the Google Mobile Ads SDK.

google admob

The difference between the two is that AdSense is used by the website publishers to earn by displaying the relevant ads on their websites, whereas Admob help add developers to make money via publishing the ads on the mobile application.

Advantages of Google AdSense and Admob

There are a number of advantages of both Google AdSense and Admob, which are:

A. Google AdSense:
  • Due to its evergreen popularity, a number of advertisers and publishers use and take advantage of the websites. Currently, 10 million + individuals use website which has helped this website to get monitored extremely well.
  • Security currently is a major concern for both the advertisers and publishers. Google through its AdSense acts as an intermediary between the two parties which are advertisers and publishers. It helps in providing a clear picture with utmost transparency.
  • AdSense gives users a plethora of options to choose from. It gives many options to the advertisers which help them run texts, images, HTML ads, video ads, and various other things in varied sizes. It gives publishers a chance to experiment with the various different ad types and at the end figure out which one out of all drive most of the revenue.
B. Google Admob: 
  • Maximization of revenue is the sole purpose of any organisation be it digital or not, or if it has an online presence or not. Admob has around a network of millions which helps the apps to start earning revenues from the ads. This chunk of revenue forms a major part of the total revenue and hence, ends up contributing a significant share.
  • Ad formatting is extremely important. Nobody would want to have several ads which have no meaning just for the purpose of earning. Ad positioning is extremely important in helping to position the ad properly and give a valuable meaning to it.

On one hand, the process of AdSense working is very simple and free from all complexities. The user just needs to create an AdSense account, then insert a small code in the website page and just get started. Google will then start displaying all the targeted ads on the page which are either considered relevant to the content of the website or to the past searches of the users based on algorithms. Yes off course, there are some guidelines of Google which should be follow to activate AdSense account.

On the other hand, the usage and integration of Admob are way simpler than AdSense. At present, it has a variety of 4 different types of ads such as banner Ads, Native Ads, Rewarded Ads, Interstitial Ads. Google AdSense and Admob play a vital role to earn either from website or mobile applications.

Apart from that there is another method to earn that is Google AdWords. To know more visit us.

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