According to Mr. Bryson Meunier who is a well-known columnist, mobile page speed is definitely valuable for conversions and customer retention but it won’t do any good for the search engine rankings.

mobile page speed

Well, you are on the right page if you have this question in mind. There are many reasons to make your mobile website fast, and Google has also updated us with the very recent benchmarks for mobile page speed. Have a look at a few of them:-

  • It will improve the conversion rate.

  • It will help you get more profit. The reason is that more than 40% of customers will leave your page if it takes longer than three seconds.

  • You must have heard of the term CUSTOMER RETENTION. It means that more than 70% of customers won’t buy from your site if they are not happy with the site’s performance.

Is SEO one of the major reasons? If businesses optimize their page speed for the mobile, will it help them to rank higher if compared to the businesses that don’t? The answer is “YES” according to Google. They have mentioned that speed is one of the major ranking factors (and it’s not something new, it has been the same since 2010), and they will focus on the speed of the mobile pages to determine the rankings and not desktop.

In a recent Google’s study, it has been found that an average website takes around 7 to 11 seconds to download. Consider that a website takes around nine seconds to load in your mobile gets a page speed score of 60. What it means is that the top ranked websites are pretty similar to the sites that fail to rank in terms of mobile page speed.

In other words, mobile page speed is not a deciding factor if compared to the other aspects which determine rankings. You always have the option to make your pages faster if you want to improve the customer retention and conversion rates, but it won’t really help in SEO.

Should You Care About MOBILE PAGE SPEED?

Before you ask your boss to stop the MOBILE PAGE SPEED PROJECT, there are few aspects you should think. Have a look at them:-

For the mobile first index, Google will use the mobile page speed to rank the websites. If they’re not doing it now, they will do it later as they have already taken the AMP project, an opportunity for the websites to display their content to the users quickly and easily. Most of the Google traffic is from mobile, and if you consider MOBILEGEDDON, you will understand that they are definitely not incentivizing webmasters.

Keeping all these aspects in mind, we would definitely advise you to consider the following SEO strategy for mobile page ranking:-

A Good Page Speed For Your Mobile Users Shouldn’t Be Your Priority Right Now

There are many pieces of evidence to justify that the increasing page speed can also increase the quality of traffic, but you won’t get any evidence that proves the importance of mobile page speed for rankings. Try to make your website as possible, but no need to look for effective SEO tactics to improve the mobile page speed.

Mobile Page Speed Can Become A Very Important Factor In Future, Especially If We Consider The Mobile-First Index

If it happens, Google will make an announcement, as they also did the same for mobile-friendly sites and that’s the time when you should make use of all the resources to make your website faster than your competitors.

Remember, you should always be prepared for the future. Make your website as fast as possible. All the best!

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